This man looks like a dragon, cut from the middle to the tongue

A hobby can be done by anyone and people go to any extent to fulfil it. Lets spend millions, crores of rupees to fulfil his hobby. No matter how strange the hobby is. There is one such person who has spent millions of rupees to fulfil his hobby.

A person named Tiamat Legion Medusa has spent 61 thousand pounds on cosmetic surgery and body modification. Tymat spent all of his money to castration, remove his ears, and cut his tongue out of the middle, making him look like a dragon. Let us know that the work of body modification is still going on. Their motive behind this is that people who have undergone body modification can show positive feelings towards them.

Tymat says that most people think that people who do body modifications like those seen in sci-fi movies are losers and retarded. Previously I was a banking vice president like one of the largest financial institutions in the country. Tymat further said that I just want to tell people that modified people are also intelligent, kind, loving people. Just because my ears have been taken out. This does not mean that I do not have brains.

Tymat told that when he was five years old his stepfather physically and verbally abused me. And his parents left him at night in the thick forests of southern Texas. Where dangerous rattlesnakes live. And when his parents threw him outside the car, he considered a toxic rattler to be his parent.

For the first time, he underwent body modification in 1997 and had two singas on his head, which cost 330 pounds (about 29 thousand rupees). Tiamat reported that he became the fifth person in the world to have horns on his head after the first body modification. Body modification started with a hobby, but later it became an important part of his life. Tiamat first made a modification as a woman, then he appeared as a human dragon. Now people know Tymat as ‘Dragon Lady’.