Top 5 Beautiful Singapore locations for tourist

If you are planning a trip to Singapore, then you can make your trip even more memorable by visiting these destinations here.

Although Singapore is a very popular destination, very few New Married couples go to Singapore for their honeymoon as they believe that there is a lack of romantic places for couples. But everyone has their own different experiences about all the places. If you or any of your friends agree with the other people, then let us tell you that apart from traveling lovers, there are many romantic places for New Married Couples too. By going, you can enjoy your romance with your partner.

1. The Way Garden

This huge garden is situated in the south of Singapore which has trees, plants and event space besides trees. ByThe Bay Garden is a place where the beautiful views and the fragrance of flowers make you and your partner romantic. Due to the large variety of tree plants present in it, its name has been included in the UNESCO Heritage Site. You can enjoy a romantic dinner in one of the best restaurants in this garden.

2. Singapore Sea Aquarium

This is the place where both you and your partner enjoy a happy and peaceful atmosphere. It is the largest aquarium in Asia which is considered a romantic place for couples. Watching colourful fish and sea creatures perform hand-in-hand among the blue waters gives a very different experience. To avoid the crowds, you should visit this place in the weekend.

3. Orange Spa Singapore

Often, after walking, we start feeling tired which needs rest to overcome and if you also want to take a short break during the trip, then you should take a sitting at the Auriga Spa in Singapore. It is located at the luxury resort Capella in Singapore. You and your partner will surely like this place and will be able to complete the rest of your trip with warmth.

4. Sentosa Island Singapore

Sentosa is an island resort off Singapore’s southern coast, connected to the city by road, cable car, pedestrian boardwalk and monorail.

This island is a good option for romantic beach life. You can have a romantic dinner in any good restaurant here. Sentosa Island is one of Singapore’s best romantic destinations. Here you can do activities like bungee jumping, sky diving and zip line.