Delightful tourist places and experiences of Hong Kong

What you can do in Hong Kong, or say what you can do in any place depends entirely on your tourism preference and desire. Hong Kong is a small city-state with many travel options within a short distance. Even if you do not have much time, you can still see some of the various attractions here.

Hong Kong spots

Visiting the sunset from Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak is one of the most popular scenic spots in Hong Kong. I took a bus from the Star Ferry terminal and reached Victoria Peak. On my way back, I took the Victoria Peak Tram which takes me to the bottom of the hill in a few moments in its old coach. Both rides were very exciting. That is why I suggest that while traveling to Victoria Peak, you must ride the bus on one side and the Victoria Peak tram on the other side.

After climbing Victoria Peak, walk around the hill. If you believe me, then you go around the sunset on this hill. In this way, you can see the port in daylight, at sunset and after sunset, under all three conditions. All three scenes are different, but also very beautiful in their own way. Remember, Victoria Peak is often notorious for being covered in mist. So before going there take knowledge of the weather and pray that you get to see the sunset in the clear sky.

Victoria Port – Star Ferry ride

Star Ferry is a common ferry used by local residents for daily transportation between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Island. Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Island are the two main tracts of Hong Kong. Apart from the ferry between these two terrain, there are two other transport facilities, Metro Rail and Road Bridge.

If your stay is in Hong Kong Island, take a ferry around Kowloon Island around sunset. See the symphony of lights, a game of lights which is held every evening and come back. Your mind will blossom after seeing the colourful lights of the sparkling Hong Kong Island and the stark movements of its rays above the water. If you are staying in Kowloon Island then you can take any ferry to visit Hong Kong Island.

Symphony of lights

Symphony of Lights is a 10 minute light and sound performance. On the Hong Kong island horizon, this performance is held at around 4 pm each day. It may not be one of the best light and sound displays you’ve seen in other places. Still I can say, it is so exciting that you can definitely include it in the list of experiences worth seeing in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Museum

Museum viewing is one of my Favorite tourist experiences. Despite wanting, I could not visit all the museums in Hong Kong that I had placed in my list. They say, the more you want to watch, the more time you are short. I visited the Hong Kong History Museum in detail on the first day of my Hong Kong trip. This gave me a good understanding of the history of Hong Kong. The journey from an infamous Hong Kong to present-day Hong Kong helped to learn from many perspectives. This is the best preserved and preserved museum where you can do many things like printing copies of literature and buying souvenirs based on Chinese symbols.

Hollywood street crossings

This post tour is done in a high-level Hollywood street on Hong Kong Island. One of the most popular temples here is also dedicated to the God of literature. I liked very little cafes here. While visiting the post, I also saw many works of art which I found very pleasing.

Some fun experiences in Hong Kong

Ocean Park

You will need at least one full day to visit Ocean Park. Ocean Park is one of the best attractions of Hong Kong if you come here to visit with children. I had come alone to roam and anyway I am not particularly interested in amusement parks. Even after this, I enjoyed a full day in this Ocean Park.

I enjoyed the rides I enjoyed. Enjoyed seeing those who didn’t take rides. Sitting near the penguins in the water and eating food is their own adventure. It was exciting to go up and down on the rail, roam the streets of the rejuvenated ancient Hong Kong, and see the life of the smallest fish in the aquarium of many levels. It was also a unique experience to see an animal named Panda ascending and wandering on a bamboo tree, watching the seal float here and there in the water and performing tricks. I enjoyed the experience of going to the South Pole and playing with the Penguins in the blood-soaked winter I got here at Ocean Park.

There are so many experiences around the Ocean Park for tourists that your inner child wakes up. You will want to join all the experiences. This is the best way to get rid of mental stress.


Disneyland is another means of relieving mental stresses, similar to Ocean Park. I was told that it would be appropriate to stay one night there to truly enjoy Disneyland, as Disneyland is some distance from the main city. I could not go there due to lack of time. In my next visit, I will definitely try to go there.