What is Interaction Design? | What is interaction design process?

When you use a product such as a website or mobile app, on the screen you see many design elements such as logo, search bar, icons, illustrations, images etc. All these design elements join together to give you a better user experience. When you come in contact with them or say “interact” with them, it is called “interaction design”. Here the product means not only websites but can also be a hardware product such as Microwave Owen, or Joystick or ATM Machine of a Game Console.

The main goal of Interaction Design is to design a product with the help of which the user can achieve his objective better. Interaction Design is always designed keeping in mind three processes – such as Content Strategy (explaining the user through words), Visual Design (presenting interactivity through images, fonts, colours) and Information Architecture (information through correct information give). Interaction can be of any kind such as clicking, pressing, swipe, dragging or pressing button. Interaction Design is always designed keeping in mind the behavior and actions of the user.

Principles of Interaction Design

You can also call Interaction Design a part of UX Design, in which the interaction of user and product is given great importance. There are certain principles of Interaction Design which the designer should keep in mind.

1. Goal Driven Design

It is important to know that what is the goal of giving any kind of interaction in your website / mobile App? How is he solving the problem of the user or how will the user benefit from this interaction.

When the user searches for a new house, their first preference is “Location” and you can get the correct information of the location through the map. Magicbricks.com understood this goal of the user and told through Interface design which houses are available for the user in that particular location. With this design, the user can now get information about the exact location of the house.

2. Invisible Design

It is not necessary to have a good visual interface for Interaction, some designs do their work even after being invisible. Invisible Design works according to your user’s mental model. With the help of easy user flow, clear visual design creates confusion in the user which are very important to give a better experience.

Scanning the QR Code to connect in WhatsApp Web captures all the information of the user and does not have to fill any form, in the same way when the user orders the food from the swiggy app, he does not think that to increase the quantity of the order Swiggy has placed the button on the right side, on which both sides are shown “arrow”, instead he keeps attention on how much quantity he needs for that order and pressing the (-) or (+) quantity works or more It will be done. Here this interface of swiggy is not even designed but it is doing its job quite well.

3. Affordance Design

Affordance Design means such a design of the product itself which tells how the user can interact with it. The user does not need to think much about using such a product.

The interface design of a chair is of any kind, the user will interact with it only to sit or the scissor is of any design, the user will use it with the help of his two fingers.

There are some patterns of Affordance Design according to which their design may be different, but the way to interact with it will be the same. For example, you can press the Lift button or you can only rotate the Knob of the fan or you have to press the power button up or down to turn ON or OFF. Talking about online, you know that for searching you have to type in the input box and click the Search button. There is no other option for this.

4.  Feedback/ Response

A good interaction design is the same that gives feedback to the user. The user is alert or satisfied that something is right or wrong. By giving Feedback or Response, the user trusts your product and it makes it easier to understand your interaction pattern.

A small animation on the wrong Passcode in iPhone shows that something went wrong. In the same way, there is a animation of Tick Mark on payment on Paytm App, which shows that something has gone right.

Correcting Interaction Design is very important for a better User Experience. But even today, interactivity and communication between a machine and user are also very lacking. As a designer, we have to understand this and try to provide better interaction through design to the users so that more and more users can use our products / services and we can make progress in the business. It would be a good practice. What do you think about Interaction design, definitely tell in comments.